Using Wood in Your Stair Treads

When it comes to stair treads, wood has been the popular choice by both homeowners and stair builders. Now that the movement towards safety is slowly making its way into everyone’s lifestyle, 9pmstore the rubberized ones are catching up with wood’s fame. Just to keep it fair, here are some pros and cons of using wood treads:

Stair treads are more commonly known as the ‘step’ and from the name itself you are sure to quickly distinguish which part of the stairs these are.

Many opt to use wooden treads in their stairs since it offers great traction and a classic feel to your stairway design. In terms of price, makeupmagicskin wood comes cheaper than iron stair parts, making it a good choice for those who are on a budget. Although the price of wood parts depends directly on the type of lumber and its thickness, it is still relatively cheaper when compared to the other materials used in making stair treads.

The best ones to use for wooden treads is hardwood. You can consult famous online forums and other websites that sell hardwood which one’s the best to use for the staircase you have in mind. According to most wood hardness charts, kingdom the oaks and cherries are at the top of the list. Just don’t forget it is also advised that you match your hand railings with your treads so your staircase still has a “unified” design.

The downside to using wooden treads is that they quite difficult to install since it needs precision especially when some drilling is needed. One mistake could split the wood and end up wasting the stair part. Moisture and extreme temperatures are the number one enemies of wooden parts. These usually cause the wood to expand or contract, ending up with wood that has warped and is out of shape.

Another iffy thing that you have to look after is maintenance for your wooden stair treads. At first, you have to invest in a protective coating so that they don’t age or wear down easily. (You’ll be stepping on them every single day, imagine.) Then you have to clean them, make sure they’re dry, ilovemakingmoney and always check every tread regularly for creaks. Creak = danger; remember that.

Using high quality stair parts, such as those found at your trusted hardware shop will help you avoid problems with your wooden treads such as these. Using wood in your stair treads is always a safe option, hopefully these will help you decide of wood is definitely for you. vytvorimweb







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