Natural Treatment For Yeast Infection – The 3 Treatments You Need to Know About

Alternative medicine for treating a yeast infection can be more effective than drugs which have had millions of pounds and months of pain-staking research poured into them. This article looks more in-depth at natural treatment for a yeast infection.

Here are some of the best methods for treating a Candida infection naturally:

Tea Tree Oil

If you are suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, natu-real an essential oil which is referred to as Tea Tree Oil could be an effective way to get the treatment you need. Usually, natural treatment consists of diluting a small amount of Tea Tree Oil and applying it to the area which looks to be affected the most by the yeast infection.

There is no scientific or medical backing to support the wondrous claims of Tea Tree Oil’s efficiency on this condition, but there are lots of people that proclaim its benefits, so there is no harm in trying to see what it does for you.


Probiotics can often be taken in the form of drinks. Also known as “friendly bacteria”, probiotics help to cancel out excessive numbers of harmful bacteria – which helps the yeast bacteria revert back to normal levels.

There are many popular brands which offer probiotic supplements. Two of the most notable are Yakult and Actimel. Taking them daily once or twice a day can help you to boost your body’s natural defences.

Boric Acid

Usually taken in supplements, nashvilleworkerscompensationattorney boric acid can be found in tablets and is normally recommended to be applied to the vagina to dissolve naturally. However, there are side effects which over time can cause severe discomfort.

Getting medical advice before taking it highly recommended. It can cause vaginal burning if taken in the wrong doses and if taken after the yeast infection has subsided. It should not be taken through the mouth or by pregnant women.







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